NCVA Portland Maine Reunion
June 4-9, 2019
Photos by:  Sheila & Bill Craig
Sheila Craig - 1st Breakfast
Sheila Craig - 1st Breakfast
John & Bonnie Googin and Sheila Craig
Hilton Double Tree Towers
Downtown Portland
Pat Campion & Sheila Craig
Portland Museum of Art
Outside Portland Museum of Art
Downtown Portland
Downtown Portland
Tourist Bus Downtown Portland
Inside Museum
Portland's Oldest Pub
Stopped for a drink at Portland's Oldest Pub
Pat & Gil Campion and Sheila & Bill Craig
Joan Johnson & Ed Forrest  
Ron Johnson
Phyllis Kent and Liz Forrest
Isobel Moats
Phyllis Kent, Liz Forrest, Isobel Moats and
Sheila Craig
Kneeling:  Joan Johnson
Ships Store - Gary Rosenbaum
Otis Edwards and Ron & Joan Neuman
Bobby Freeman and Suzanne Richter
Alan & Mary Beth Hemer and Audrie & Steve McKnight
(1st Reunion)
Richard Porfetto (1st Reunion) and
Harry Massuch
Pat & Dennis Goodwin
Bill Craig and Dave Psilas (1st Reunion)
Ice Cream Advertisement
Downtown Portland
RiRA Irish Pub, Portland
Lunch at RiRa Irish Pub
Liz & Ed Forrest, Mel Morenz and Sheila Craig
Downtown Portland
Bill Murto, Vince & Eve Morales and Maura Murto
Bob Anderson (standing)
Ed Carey (Host)
Jane & Jim Bellant
Sheila Craig and Chuck Markee
Sharon & Steven Piaskowski
Kathleen & Paul Sullivan
Carolyn, Bob & Terry Smardon
Ken Cadran and Tom Christie
Lew Bearden and Kelly Bowling
Susan Smither, Kathy Bearden and
Madeleine Bambeck
Madeleine & Don Bambeck
Angela Brooks and Jim Christie
Jim Taylor and Jim Givens
Lou Tardona, Steve Reese and Dave Guthrie
Penny & Lou Tardona
Spike & Louanne Pelletier
Jim Bellant, Bob Gibson and Jayne Bellant
Women of the Sea Service
Marcia Green, Penny Tardona, Paulette Givens
and Janet Burditt
Edzell 60's Group
Myles Standish, Ralph Culver, Jim Briles, Mel
Morenz, Bill Craig, Ron Johnson and Ken Cole
Mary Ann & Ed Brogan
Alan & Mary Beth Hemer
Ed Purcell and Joann & Ron McMillan
Mary & Zane Nolen
Pinochle Tournament
Tom Sepka, Barb Staschke, George Theis
and Jack Duffy Jr.
Harry Grieshaber, Tom Flanders, John Googin
and Frank Huffman
Bonnie Googin, Jerry Powell, Louise Flanders
and Jack Kennedy
Fred Kruger and Andy Isola
Portsmouth Naval Yard Tour
Portsmouth Naval Brig
Closed in the 90's
Dismal Place
Mel Morenz
Sheila Craig
Sheila Craig
Diana & Chuck Tamborino
Carmine & John DeBlasio
Liberty Display - Bryce Lockwood
Les & Bonnie Bell Smallwood
Dorothy Carey, Janet Beach and
Deborah Coutinho
Jim & Marilyn Schwille
NSG PI Meet & Greet
Jim & Maureen Hutchins, Steve Connors
and Wayne Turner
Steve Connors and Wayne & Sue Turner
Carmen Connors, Rose Rosenbaum
and Florence Birch
Rose & Gary Rosenbaum
Grover Perkins, Ted Johnson, Airell Jenks,
Frank & Catherine Jacob and Joleen
Steve & Judy Roberts, Deborah & Al Coutinho
and Rick & Joanie Scifres
Jeff Miller, Don & Barbara Nichols
and Leslie Miller
Charles & Diana Tamborino, Dave & Beverly
Danbom, Dana Alaga and Bob Anderson
Joe Martfled, Jim Melhorn, Estelle Kuhns
and Tess Martfled
Audrey Mac Knight ,Mary Beth & Alan Hemer
and Steve Mac Knight
Bobbie Richards and Gil, Linda and Larry Carriers
Michael Kazimer and Tonya Nudo
Chuck Benner and daughter Cathy Benner
Jim & Deecee Walters
Harbor Tour
Sheila Craig - Along Pier
Tour Boat
#1 Bill Hickey  #2 Bob Anderson and Dana Alaga
and #3  Various
Liberty Boat Memorial for boats built in
Lunch at Brewery/Distillery Bar
Fried Oysters with Japanese Beer for Bill
Burger with Beer Flight for Sheila
Lou Tardona, Lew Bearden, Norm Houle,
Mike Bunnell, Bobby Freeman and David Guthrie
Suzie Gowie and Sheila Craig
Maureen & Frenchy Bourgeois
Nancy & Roman Martin
David & Wilma Guthrie
Lou Tardona and Bill Craig
Student/Instructor A School
Dave & Roby Young
Executive Director Bill Hickey
Opens General Assembley
Co-Host Ed Carey and
Executive Director Bill Hickey
NCVA Distinguish Service Award
to Peter J. Azzole, LT USN Presented
by Executive Director Bill Hickey
Raffle Drawing:  CTTCS (SWCC/EXW/IW/AW/PJ)
John Mendoza USN, CTM1 (IW/SG) Mathew D.
Smith USN drawing Raffle Tickets with Suzie
Gowie, Dorothy Carey and Co-Host Alan Coutinho
(IW/SG) Mathew D. Smith, USN presented by RADM
Daniel J. MacDonald, Deputy Chief, Central Security
Service, National Security Agency
(SWCC/EXW/IW/SW/AW/PJ) John Mendoza, USN
presented by RADM Daniel J. MacDonald, Deputy
Chief, Central Security Service, National Security
Burke, OIOC Hawaii presented by RADM Daniel J.
MacDonald, Deputy Chief, Central Secrutiy Service,
National Security Agency
RADM MacDonald address Assembly and holds
Question/Answer Session
Dave Fiehtner announces voting results.
FRUPAC MEETING:  Bill Hickey, Pat Ryan, Don
Dillaby, George & Karen Dean, Richard Marker,
Robert Housker, Jack Duffy Jr., Bob Craig, Lee
Parsons and Dennis Goodwin
Frank & Catherine Jacob and Nancy & Roman Martin
Dennis & Pat Goodman
Suzie & Art Gowie
John & Carmine DeBlasio
Paula Pratt & Paul Weaver
Sidni & Captain Ron Hecox
Mary & Dan Mangino
David & Wilma Guthrie
Ron Haines & Ella Koonz
Carlynn Breakfield and Sheryl & Tanya MacDonald
SteveThickstun and Roger Huck
Paul & Kathleen Sullivan
Ron, Barbara, Donna, Miranda, Susan, Dillion, Sara
Staschke and Bea Dillaby
Bea & Donald Dillaby and Norm Houle
Rose & GaryRosenbaum
Rick & Amy King
Ruby, Ken and Jackie Wickham
Chuck Markee and Fred & Patty Kruger
Diana & Chuck Tamborino
Norma Hahn, Anita & Vic Knorowski and
Bob Hahn
Sheila Craig & Tom Shearer
Lou & Penny Tardona and Mike Bunnell
Spike Rumley, Cassidy Boggus and Dee Bookout
MSGT Kenneth R. Phillips Jr., USMC presented by
RADM Daniel J. MacDonald, Deputy Chief, Central
Security Service, National Security Agency
Guest Speaker
ADM (Ret) Michael S. Rogers
Photos from Doug Stenzel
Team 7:  Marty Peterson, Thomas Peterson,
Jim Schwille and Dennis Ahrens
Team 6:  Spike Pelletier, Fred Kruger,
Harry Grieshaber and David Pslias
Team 3:  Kent Beach, Ed Carey, Alan Coutinho
and Dick Carbon
Team 5 (Tournament Winners)
Doug Stenzel, Lou Tardona, John Twohig
and Andy Isola
Team 1:  Jim Smith, Jerry Colpitts and
Charles Champagne
Larry Anslem (non-player)
Group Photo:
Jim Smith, Jerry Colpitts, Charles Champagne,
Larry Anslem, Gil Campion, Earl Blackstone, Nancy
Hooper, Kent Bench, Ed Carey, Alan Coutinho, Dick
Carbon, Frank Jackson, Alan Lubbers, Max Booe,
Patrick Murphy, Andy Isola, Doug Stenzel, Lou
Tardona, John Twohig, Fred Kruger, David Pslias,
Spike Pelletier, Harry Grieshaber, Mary Peterson,
Thomas Peterson, Jim Schwille and Dennis Ahrens
Received Photo from Ed Hill
Ed & Marta Hills
at Banquet