May 4-7, 2016
Mermaid (Symbol of Norfolk)
Mermaid (Symbol of Norfolk)
Hotel Lobby:  Carol Sipple and Pat House
Doumar's home of first Cone Machine
Demonstration of Cone Making Machine
Sheila Craig Eating Ice Cream at Doumar's
Jim & Kathy Briles at Doumar's
Returning to Bus:  Kathy & Jim Briles, Dawn Culver and Sheila Craig
Dawn Culver, Sheila Craig and Jim Briles
Hospitality Room:  Ed Forrest and Walter Faber (1st Reunion)
Hospitality Room:  Dawn Culver, Jim & Kathy Briles and Joan Johnson
Virginia Beach - Neptune's Park
Neptune's Statue
Jackie & David Epps and Sheila Craig
Hospitality Room:  Bill Craig, Steve Kent and Mel Morenz
Jenny Morenz, Lorraine Landauer and Nina Thomas
Hospitality Room:  Liz Forrest and Phyllis Kent
Hospitality Room:  Bob Anderson and Lee Mobley
Hospitality Room:  Joan & Ron Johnson
Hospitality Room:  Larry & Sandy Dolieslager
Hospitality Room:  Ken Cole and Jane Firebaugh
Hospitality Room:  Lee & Martha Mobley
Hospitality Room:  Marlyn Williams, Pat & Dan Currie and Dick Williams
Hospitality Room:  Sheila Craig and Floyd Jones
Hospitality Room:  Sheila Craig and Bob Anderson
Hospitality Room:  Judy & Ken Gorby
Hospitality Room:  Cindy & Harry Stackler
Hospitality Room:  Cindy & Zak Zaklan and Frank Sinkular
Outside Balcony:  Lou & Penny Tardona and Skot Beazley

Kneeling (l-r):  Ken Gorby, Lou Tardona, J.J. Norosky, Bob Karczewski and
Rocky Gouch

Middle Row (l-r):  Ukn, John Whitmire, Mike Bunnell, Harry Stackler, Hank
Kershner, Ed Lumsden, Russ Martin, Frenchie Bourgeois, Steve Martin and
Frank Turbin

Back Row (l-r):  Paul Voight, Lew Bearden, Bobby Freeman, Dan Kislus and
Skot Beazley
Sandy's Room:  Jenny Morenz, Sheila Craig, Joan Neuman, Lorraine
Landauer, Nina Thomas, Sandy Dolieslager and Phyllis Kent
Players:  Larry Dolieslager, Steve Kent, Terry Weitzel, Fred Kruger, Garry
Seals, Spike Pelletier, Andy  Isola, Doug Stenzel, Dennis Zaklan, Lou Tardona,
Skot Beazley, Gil Campion, Patrick Murphy, Joe Davison, Brian Davison, Frank
Jackson, Russ Martin, Frank Perrault, Joe Michowski and John Twohig
Winning Team:  Gil Campion, Lou Tardona, Skot Beazley and Dennis Zaklan
Hospitality Room:  Anne Gove, Myles, Sharon and Angela Standish
Breakfast Buffet
Hospitality Room:  Nina & Mike Thomas
Hospitality Room:  Dave Fiehtner and Nancy Moore
Hospitality Room:  Don Watson and Kathryn & Ray Lamberton
Hospitality Room:  Thelma & Floyd Jones
Hospitality Room:  Bob Anderson and George Tibbetts
Hospitality Room:  Gary Cooper, Tom Lowe and Tom Christie
Hospitality Room:  Donna Burns, Jackie & Ray Bergeron and James Burns
Hospitality Room:  Bob & Jennifer Stauffer
Hospitality Room:  Paul & Kathleen Sullivan
Hospitality Room:  Roger Brady and Carole King
Hospitality Room:  Cathy & Steve Martin and Kathleen & Paul Voigt
Hospitality Room:  John & Carmino De Biasio
Liberty Crew Members:  Bernard Haller, Roger Brady, Bryce Lockwood,
Doug Stenzel and Andy Isola
Hospitality Room:  Sheila & Bill Craig with daughter Jackie Epps
Photo by Doug Stenzel
Hospitality Room:  Nessie, Angela and James Cooper
Hospitality Room:  Jackie Epps and Jenny Morenz
Hospitality Room:  Anne Gove, Lorraine Landauer, Sylvia Waino
and Angela Standish
Brewer explaining different Beer Samples
Larry Bahill, Entertainer and Carol Bahill
John & Carmino De Biasio and Sheila Craig
Sheila Craig and John De Biasio
Bess Asp and Carmino De Biasio
Hospitality Room:  Bill Craig and Lou Tardona
Memorial Service at Nautilus:  Dave Fiehtner, Bryce Lockwood and
Ron Haines
Memorial Service at Nautilus:  Bryce Lockwood and Ron Haines
USS Wisconsin:  Jim & Cathy Briles, Sheila Craig and Ralph & Dawn Culver
Placing Wreath at Lone Sailor:  Ron Haines, Bryce Lockwood
and Dave Fiehtner
Placing Wreath at Lone Sailor:  Ron Haines, Bryce Lockwood
and Dave Fiehtner
Placing Wreath at Lone Sailor:  Ron Haines, Bryce Lockwood
and Dave Fiehtner
Rendering Honors at Lone Sailor:  Ron Haines, Bryce Lockwood
and Dave Fiehtner
Detail Dismiss:  Ron Haines, Bryce Lockwood and Dave Fiehtner
Hospitality Room:  Lou Tardona, J.W. Smith, Penny Tardona and
Joan Cooper
Hospitality Room:  Maura & Bill Murto
Hospitality Room:  Maureen & Carl Moffett
Hospitality Room:  Sharon Bulter, Kazuko Sinkular, Annie Colbert
and Marissa Johnson with (Statues) Seaman Crypie and Seaman
Hospitality Room:  Carlynn Breakfield and Roger Hulk
Hospitality Room:  Paula Hardgrave and Eva & Vince Morales
Hospitality Room:  Rebecca Pirkle, Frank Jacob, (dog) Joleen,
Catherine Jacob and Cliff Nottingham
Hospitality Room:  Ken & Marie Hoover
Hospitality Room:  John Berry
Hospitality Room:  Lee Mobley and Sheila Craig
Hospitality Room:  Sandra & Norm Dean
Hospitality Room:  Cathy Briles, Dawn Culver, Nessie Cooper, Margaret
Damron Eileen Brink, Sheila Craig, Liz Forrest, Phyllis Kent, Jenny
Morenz and Sandy Dolieslager
Hospitality Room:  John & Bonnie Goggin
Hospitality Room:  Brothers Lee & Ken Mobley
Hospitality Room:  John & Margaret Sterling
Hospitality Room:  Ken & Sylvia Morlock
Hospitality Room:  Wynette & Don Polk
Hospitality Room:  Nancy & Roman Martin
Cyprus Plank Owners:  
Chuck Rauscher, Roger Brady, Jack Hipp and Norm Dean
Edzell Presentation
Edzell Presentation
Women of the Sea Service
Ann Karoly, Penny Tardona, Marcia Green, Judy Mahoney,
Joan Cooper, Pamela Pirkle and Sherrie Steiner
Edzell Men:  Frenchie Bourgeois, Mike Thomas, Paul Sullivan, Jim Briles,
John Harrison, Ralph Culver, Ron Johnson, Tracey Weitzel, Bill Craig,
Myles Standish, Larry Moats, Mel Morenz, Larry Dolieslager, Ken Cole
and Steve Kent
Scottish Women:  Anne Harrison, Liz Forrest, Nessie Cooper, Nina Thomas,
Sheena Weitzel Jenny Morenz, Isobel Moats, Dawn Cuver, Anne Gove,
Phyllis Kent, Angela Standish, Cathy Briles, Sandy Dolieslager and
Sheila Craig
Pinochle:  Joe Bearrentine, Clyde Aldridge and Tom Flanders
Pinochle:  Bonnie & John Goggin, George Theis and Louis Flanders
Lew Bearden - Norfolk Host Opens General Meeting
Executive Director Bill Hickey Conducts General Meeting
VADM Jan E Tighe
Commander, US Fleet Cyber Command,
Commander, US Tenth Fleet
CDR Michael C. Elliot addressing Meeting
VADM Jan E. Tighe and CDR Michael C. Elliot
Outstanding Navy Cryptologist
VADM Jan E. Tighe, CTTCS (SW/AW) Sheenah M.
Jedrykowski, USN and Penny Tardona FMC8
Outstanding Marine Corps Cryptologist
VADM Jan E. Tighe and GYSGT Charles E.
Gutensohn, USMC
VADM Jan E. Tighe and CTMC (IDW/SW/AW)
Gregory G. Neesham, USNR
Kathy & Lew Bearden
Caleb, Noah, Spike, Louaane, Joe and Ryan Pelletier
Doug & Terry Heiler, Bud & Donna Burns and Janice & Roy Bergeron
Pat Currie and Bernie Haller
Dick & Marlyn Williams
Cliff Nottingham
Mike Brunnel and Frank & Elaine Martin
John & Bonnie Goggin
George Theis and Louise & Tom Flanders
John & Marie Hoover and John Berry
Color Guard
Ron Haines, John Kracke, Bryce Lockwood, Don Watson,
Steve Thickstun, Bobby Freeman and Marcia Green
John & Agnes Booker
Norfolk Host Lew Bearden welcomes everyone to Banquet
Present Colors
Two Bell Ceremony - Lew Bearden and Dave Fiehtner
Invocation:  Ron Haines
Host Lew Bearden introduces Executive Director Bill Hickey
Executive Director Bill Hickey introduces ADM Michael Rogers, USN
ADM Michael Rogers, USN
Commander, US Cyber Command,
Director National Security Agency/Chief Security Service
Co-Host John Twohig with Host Lew Bearden
Steve & Debbie Delk
Sharon Butler, Annie Colbert, Ukn,Ukn, Joan Cooper and Penny Tardona
ADM Michael Rogers, USN and Bill Craig
ADM Michael Rogers, USN and Sheila & Bill Craig
Photo by John Kracke
ADM Michael Rogers, USN and Elke Beilstein
ADM Michael Rogers, USN and Pamela Pirkle
ADM Michael Rogers, USN and Clyde Aldridge
Lee Mobley and ADM MIchael Rogers, USN
Above Photos by Bill & Sheila Craig unless
noted otherwise.
Photos from Judy Mahoney
Ouida Norris, Judy Mahoney and Marcia Green
Frank & Ouida Norris, Judy Mahoney and Marcia Green
Photos from John Kracke
Spirit of Norfolk Dinner Cruise
(l-r)  Jim & Elke Beistein, Donna & James Burns, Janice & Roy Bergeron,
and Terrry & Douglas Heiler
Audrey Hull & Charles Markee
Jim & Pat Kell
Phoebe Andrucyk, Maggie Olienyk and Peggy Betz
Michael & Betty Canavan
Roger Huck and Carlynn Breakfield
Ty, Frank & Ouida Norris
Judy Mahoney and Marcia Green
JJ & Marissa Johnson
Kaz & Frank Sinkular
Sharon Butler and Annie Colbert
Catherine & Frank Jacob
Carol Sipple, Pat House and Jan & Bob Oakes
(l-r):  Dottie Kracke, Louis Cyr, Joann Schultz, Ron & Barb Stasche,
Floyd Schutz, Greg Cyr and John Kracke
Freda & Chuck Benner
Bess & Carl Asp
John & Kathy Twohig
Lee & Martha Mobley and Ellen Gross and R.S. Melford
Joe & Pam Pirkle
American Rover Cruise
Philip Schich and Barb & Ron Stasche
Spike & Louanne Pelletier, Deb & Glen Smith and Ray Long
Mermaid - Symbol of Norfolk
Bryce Lockwood and ADM Michael Rogers, USN
ADM Michael Rogers, USN and Dottie & John Cracke
Claude Cyr and Ken Wallace