Bill's Naval  Career
CTRC William T. Craig Jr.
US Navy Retired
4 February 1958 - 30 September 1986
Duty Stations
02/04/58  USN&MCRTC, Wilmington, Delaware
06/..../58  Reserve Recruit Training Center Co. A-78 Great Lakes  SR-SA
02/27/59  Recruit Training Center Great Lakes  Co. 128  SA
07/08/59  NCTC Imperial Beach California  SA-SN-CTSN
03/05/60  NavCommFac, Port Lyautey, Kenitra, Morocco  CTSN
10/12/60  NavSecGruAct, Edzell, Scotland CTSN - CT3
05/29/63  NavSecGruAct, Lajes, Azores  CT3  -  CT2
07/02/65  NavComStaWash  CT2 - CT1
11/07/66  NavSecGruAct, Edzell, Scotland  CT1 - CTR1
24/02/69  USS Belmont (AGTR-4), NOB Norfolk, Virginia  CTR1
05/12/69  NavScolCom, Naval Base Norfolk, Viriginia (Student)  CTR1
11/03/70  NavCommTraCen, Pensacola, Florida (Instructor)  CTR1 - CTRC
31/07/74  NavTechTraCen, Correy Station, Pensacola (ADCOP Student)  CTRC
23/01/76  NavSecGruAct, Misawa, Japan  CTRC
07/08/79  NavSecGruAct, Ft. Meade, Maryland  CTRC
31/07/82  NavAmphibBase, Little Creek, Virginia  (Student)  CTRC
25/08/82  NavSecGruAct, Misawa, Japan  CTRC
00/07/84  Dir NSA/CSS, Ft. Meade, Maryland  CTRC
30/09/86  Transfer to Fleet Reserves  CTRC
Career Photos
Above Photos Recruit Co. 128
(l-r) Bob Hertaug, Bill & Patsy Craig, Bernadet Lewis
Montrose, Scotland
Patsy & Bill Craig
NCO Club, Lajes, Azores
CTR1 Craig and Capt. E.W. Thomas
September 14, 1968
6th Good Conduct
Capt. McFarland and CTRC Craig
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U.S. Navy, Together We Served
Class 2A Advance 1959 - CT R School
Middle Row - 2nd from right
CTR1 Bill Craig
USS Belmont (AGTR-4) - 1969
4th Reenlistment
4 May 1982
As with most of the Cryptologic Technicians serving through this period of time, 60's, 70's and
80's I had the standard awards:  Good Conduct (7), Navy Unit and (2) Meritorious Unit
Commendations and National Defense Medal and Letters of Appreciation.
Other Significant Awards
A School Classmates
John Koval, Bill Craig and Norm Kitch
Top Row Class Photo:  John Koval 2nd from left,
Middle Row:  Bill Craig 2nd from right.
Class 1A Basic 1959
Back Row - 3rd from right